[unisog] step up in SSH scanning starting today?

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I would like to use your list as the basis for an ACL in my PIX (if it's
OK with you).  Not quite sure what to make of your 'last seen' column.
Can the digits be converted to some type of date/time stamp or similar?

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In the last two weeks we have had 666 (not joking about the number) IP 
addresses invloved in SSH or FTP bruteforce attacks, with less than 20 
of those IP addresses being FTP.  We keep and publish a running list of 
IP addresses along with the last time they were seen attacking the 
campus.  The IPs are derived from both IDS sensors and honeypots and 
uses OSSEC to create a backend list of IP addresses.  While my coding is

not the most elegant, it has worked well in dropping the numbers of hack

attempts to my personal machine. there is a KB article outlining the 
basic premise and at 



Tom Perrine wrote:
> Anyone else see a significant rise in SSH dictionary attacks,
> from .KR?
> A friend at a local ISP (CA.US) reported this morning that they
> see 1-3 scans per day, but had 10 concurrent sweeps this morning with 
> more sources popping up at about 1 new per hour.  Most sources in
> and KR, IIRC.
> Another site (UK) reported a similar but not quite as aggressive set
> new sweeps, all theirs from .KR IP space.
> I'm not seeing it here.
> What's the consensus?  Isolated or major ramp-up?
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