[unisog] VOIP considerations checklist?

Nagel, Lonnie lnagel at SFCCMO.EDU
Thu May 22 15:01:21 GMT 2008

I routinely leave the starting blocks in just under 0.1 seconds

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On Wed, 21 May 2008 17:34:41 EDT, Pete Hickey said:

> 911:  We have a reasonable setup that works reasonably well.
> Our 911 is programmed to call our security people but it
> transfers to the city's 911 if not answered in 0.1 seconds.

Is that an intended automatic fallover to the city, or is 0.1 a typo
as how that's the minimum human reaction time - Olympic sprinters that
the starting blocks in under 0.1 seconds get false-started)?

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