[unisog] VoIP UPS Considerations

Doug Doran doran.doug at gmail.com
Mon May 26 16:30:06 GMT 2008


We are currently examining the implications of using UPSs for all our 
VoIP wiring closets.  We have done this up until now.  I have been made 
aware however of a few institutions that provide UPS power for the 
building head end switches but do not provide UPS power for all their 
POE switches.  They simply provide emergency TDM phones for each work 
area or floor.  I am doing a survey that I will post the statistical 
results to the list without identifying institutions.

Please respond if you would like.

1.  Has your institution deployed over 200 VoIP phones? (y/n)
2.  Is it your practice to provide UPS power to all VoIP POE switches? (y/n)
3. If you deploy UPSs for POE switches what is your power out run time?
4. If you do not deploy UPSs for all POE switches do you deploy 
traditional phones for backup? (y/n)
5. If you answered yes to Q4 how do you determine the frequency of 
traditional phone deployment?


Doug Doran MSc, BEd
Manager, Network Services
University of Calgary
eMail:dgdoran at ucalgary.ca
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