[unisog] Illinois state law gives IT responsibility to reportcrime

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Missouri has had law on the books for a while now that technical workers
that discover child porn on machines they are working on must disclose
it to law enforcement.  We try to route those as a security events
through our information security group because we have a preexisting
relationship with law enforcement and the computer forensic training to
contain evidence if needed. We also include awareness of this issue in
training of our IT staff.

	Missouri Revised Statutes
	Chapter 568 
	Offenses Against the Family 
	Section 568.110 

	August 28, 2007

	Professional's duty to report on film, photographs, videotapes,
failure to report, penalty--exceptions. 
	1. Any film and photographic print processor, computer provider,
installer or repair person, or 
	any Internet service provider who has knowledge of or observes,
within the scope of the person's 
	professional capacity or employment, any film, photograph,
videotape, negative, slide, or 
	computer-generated image or picture depicting a child under the
age of eighteen years engaged in an act 
	of sexual conduct shall report such instance to the law
enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the 
	case immediately or as soon as practically possible. 

	2. Failure to make such report shall be a class B misdemeanor. 

	3. Nothing in this section shall be construed to require a
provider of electronic communication services
	or remote computing services to monitor any user, subscriber or
customer of the provider, or the content 
	of any communication of any user, subscriber or customer of the

	(L. 1984 H.B. 1255, A.L. 2000 S.B. 757 & 602) 

Here is a review of several other state similar laws 


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Does any one have the URL to the Bill that covers this?

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Frank Bulk <frnkblk at iname.com> wrote:
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> crime/
> Perhaps I've been living in a corner, but I didn't know that it's now 
> a law in 6 states for IT workers to report criminal activity they 
> discover on their employers' computers.
> Are managers in these states training their staff in regards to this
> What's your experience been?
> Frank

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