[unisog] Illinois state law gives IT responsibility to reportcrime

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In the Missouri example, I have personally discussed this with members
of the Sate of Missouri Attorneys General Office and MO-568.110 is
intended to obligate IT staff, whereas the Federal 42.132.IV.13032 is
intended for internet service providers and common carriers as described
in section 3 of the Telecommunications act of 1934.  Notably the Fed law
also calls out interstate or foreign commerce, so local BBS or perhaps
even localized Wireless may be a tough case. I'd be interested in
hearing from an attorney or judge on that angle.

Michigan, South Dakota, and Oklahoma specifically call out computer

Arkansas uniquely calls out internet and bbs providers

Carolina is photo and video developers, processors or production

Something else to remember health care workers, teachers, and public
service folks (emergency services) may also have a forced report for
child abuse which often includes child pornography in electronic format.
With that said are Higher Ed Instructors and professors included in the
"teachers" category in your state?  That forces me to ask, if the
instructor looks at a student's laptop and it contains a background
screen of the student's high school sweetheart (perhaps underage for the
purposes of this discussion) in a compromising position, do you have a
forced report situation? 

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> There is an applicable federal law too. Since it makes no distinction 
> between private and public "electronic service providers" I interpret 
> that as covering IT departments that offer those services. But I'm not

> a lawyer.

I think the there is a difference between employees of a electronic
communication provider and IT staff. Of course this can always be argued
before a judge.

For example see Bullet #3:
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