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Take a look at cloakware , which is a good product.  It has many API 
capabilities to do what you desire.

HP OO is an automator tool (expensive for licencse) but includes a password 
vault application.

The idea should be to provide access to the Password Vault application 
itself through a two factor authentication system;
Do all the required policy & process controls to ensure it will not be 
abused.  Every security plan include pPT - people
(assume less relilable because they are more talented - therefore a small p) 
& Process and Technology.


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> We are in the process of suggesting the use of an electronic password 
> vault solution to manage access to root and administrator passwords for 
> servers, network devices, etc.  Our hope is to have the software manage 
> the passwords in such a way that the custodian doesn't need to see the 
> password at any time.  Specifically, we are looking for the following 
> features:
> 1. The software stores the password in an encrypted format
> 2. The software changes the password automatically when it is checked back 
> in to the vault
> 3. Users must follow a clear approval procedure with oversight before 
> being granted access to the password.
> 4. And of course, logging.
> There are other things we are looking for but these are the main 
> requirements.  The problem we are having is convincing upper management 
> that the technology is mature enough to be trusted with this kind of role. 
> They are concerned as to what might happen should the vaulting solution 
> fail in some way and we have no way to access the systems.
> So my question is, have any of you implemented anything along these lines, 
> if so, how is it working for you.  How is the stability and reliability of 
> the solution you implemented?  Do you have concerns about system failure? 
> Thank you in advance to all who respond.
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