[unisog] DMZ and Non DMZ using sharing VM infrastructure

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This question extends beyond just DMZ vs non-DMZ to other areas of differing data segregation or security zones such as PCI credit card data, HIPAA health data, or other personally identifiable or protected data.
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Wanted to get a feel for what others are doing with regards to the DMZ and Non-DMZ VMs


I am under the stance that DMZ and Non-DMZ host should not share the same vm hosts among other things, but at least;


Isolate ALL Storage Networks from DMZ VMs 

Separate LUNs

Use separate virtualization hosts for DMZ VMs  

Keep VMotion, SC, and storage networks out of the DMZ

Do not mix security zones on the same vSwitch


I am curious how others are handling the DMZ and non-DMZ VMs. Please let me know.





Paul Guarino

Suffolk University






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