[unisog] DMZ and Non DMZ using sharing VM infrastructure

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Aug 11 13:31:53 GMT 2009

> It has nothing to do with marketing
> When my virtual boundaries are in an inter-cloud environment

The previous two statements are contradictory. I've never heard the 
phrase "intra-cloud environment" from anyone that isn't in sales.

> I have two options: to pretend it doesn't exist (a-la there is only 
> unix, no windows, no macosx, no android, no <insert your linux distro 
> of choice>), or to acknowledge, secure and even embrace.

This has nothing to do with *me* securing $operating_system, or 
designing a secure network on which they operate .. the entire premise 
of "cloud computing" is to basically trust somebody else (or more 
correctly, entire teams of "somebody", many of which might be in 
jurisdictions with laws different than your own).

I'd love to have you show me a vendor contract for "cloud computing" 
services that says they (the vendor) agrees to accept any and all legal 
liability resulting from a failure on their end.

> ... although with every new concept there will always be phases of FUD ...

For many of us, it's our job to be the fearful, uncertain, and doubting. 
We've all had our share of vendors use a phrase like "completely secure" 
or "totally isolated", management believes them, and 6 months later 
we're scrambling to patch.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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