[unisog] iphone app musical instrument app

randy marchany marchany at vt.edu
Wed Dec 2 21:53:09 GMT 2009

I'm sending this in the spirit of the Xmas season. I'm taking off my
security hat and putting on my musician's hat. One of my bandmate's
son, Jesse Chappell, has written one of the coolest iphone apps I've
seen. Here's a brief description:

Hundreds of scales allow you to effortlessly play in any style from
rock to classical, whether you are a musical novice or a seasoned
professional. Tilt and shake provide pitch bending, vibrato, volume
changes for more realistic and expressive playing than many other
apps. Create your own loops and play over them, or import your
favorite audio loops and jam from there. Export your loops as audio
files or Ardour sessions. Record your own instrument samples to play
immediately within the app. Sync tempo and key/scale with other nearby
players via Bluetooth, to play together as a band live.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFXByganrhU for a short demo video and
this doesn't even scratch what you can do with this app.
www.thumbjam.com  for the final product when the Apple Store releases it.

Merry Xmas and enjoy!

Randy Marchany
VA Tech IT Security Office


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