[unisog] Guidance needed (cellular detection)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Dec 8 19:49:45 GMT 2009

> Hey all, looking at what outside of policies is anyone doing concerning
> cellular in the classroom. Any and all information appreciated on/offlist.

I could go all high-tech and explain how IMEI numbers are broadcast
unencrypted (shopping malls and some states use this to visualize
traffic flow) .. but building a network to triangulate 4 different
frequency bands to a sub-meter resolution would be impractical. You
could build a giant farady cage, but to catch the UMTS frequencies,
you'd be talking about holes around what you see in your microwave ..
not exactly the 'warm and inviting' environment you want to provide.

As many have pointed out .. any active jamming is illegal per FCC regs.
Prisons have been begging to do it for years, and even they can't (yet)
get an exception.

Go medium-tech. Install video cameras in the exam room with a DVR, set
the pan/scan so it crosses all seat positions, etc. Inform students
ahead of time that they're being monitored by video, and that any
cellphone/pager/whatever use will be considered cheating according to
your university policy on such academic matters.

Just because technology has made the "cheat sheet" transition from the
note card slipped up the sleeve to being able to google (or wolfram) the
answer on your iPhone doesn't mean the detection methods (walking around
amidst the students, statistical analysis of the answers, etc) have to

My $0.02.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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