[unisog] Guidance needed (cellular detection)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Dec 8 19:58:34 GMT 2009

> You could probably do something similar with cell phones, by detecting
> their network association then inducing the ESN to constantly
> disassociate; 

No, you couldn't. To do so would require you transmit on a restricted
band. I doubt $carrier will give you a waiver to fake being a BTS to do

> however cell tech is a lot different than wifi since it has
> to interface with phone systems, so I am curious how this advertised
> device could query the carrier for the ESN's number then send it a text
> message...

Have a look at what the guys did at Burning Man this year and last (with
respect to using Linux/USRP/OpenBTS) to provide cell service in the
middle of nowhere.



Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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