[unisog] Guidance needed (cellular detection)

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Wed Dec 9 16:30:51 GMT 2009

> Wow great stuff. How do the various signal booster setups work? Probably
> getting off topic (or reverse-topic) here but: where we are, getting
> signal is a constant thorn in our side. 

Check out this company .. they make passive amplifier/repeater setups
that can get a signal into places where it won't propagate on it's own.


> An infrastructure vendor of ours
> sells a bridging device 

If you've got enough students/problems .. call the providers engineering
team and see if they won't work with you. Companies WANT the loyality of
younger folks, and if they get no signal for the next 4 years at school,
they'll jump providers. Once you get one to agree to it, others will
follow. Also .. if you have space for it (tall building, lightpole,
etc.), agreeing to colo a BTS for a provider is a easy revenue
opportunity (discussing this is a separate thread).


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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