[unisog] Guidance needed (cellular detection)

Peter C. Lai peter at simons-rock.edu
Wed Dec 9 02:08:08 GMT 2009

> No, you couldn't. To do so would require you transmit on a restricted
> band. I doubt $carrier will give you a waiver to fake being a BTS to do
> that.

Yeah as I was writing this I was thinking that this is probably well
restricted to carriers, but somehow that thought didn't make it onto paper.

> Have a look at what the guys did at Burning Man this year and last (with
> respect to using Linux/USRP/OpenBTS) to provide cell service in the
> middle of nowhere.
> http://www.kestrelsp.com/FieldTest/index.html

Wow great stuff. How do the various signal booster setups work? Probably
getting off topic (or reverse-topic) here but: where we are, getting
signal is a constant thorn in our side. An infrastructure vendor of ours
sells a bridging device that basically does what Kestrel did: it sets up a
local BTS within a building and lets you bridge up to 3 handsets (per
device) to your voip net.

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