[unisog] Is Apple Open Directory really used somewhere ?

Krassimir Todorov krassimir.todorov at epfl.ch
Wed Dec 16 09:46:58 GMT 2009


We would like to deploy Apple's Open Directory to manage our MycOS
computer park.

We already have a custom built institutional meta-directory, which
fills our OpenLDAP and Active Directory infrastructure.

We want to know if there is some university or enterprise already
using Apple's Open Directory. We asked our local Apple vendors and
support, but till now they were not of big help.

The goal for us is to manage about 2'000 MacOS hosts, 17'000 users and
2'000 user groups. Ideally Open Directory should be put in parallel to
our OpenLDAP and Active Directory, linked only to our meta-directory.
Another possibility would be to use a "magic triangle" as named by
Apple, which makes MacOS machines to get informations from both Active
Directory and Open Directory. But we think that such coupling between
Active Directory and Open Directory will not be solid enough.

If you have such experience, or if you know someone who has some,
please make me know.

Thank you very much !

Krassimir TODOROV
responsable du groupe "Services de Base"
Domaine IT - EPFL, Services informatiques
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
case postale 121, 1015 Lausanne 15 - Suisse
bureau MA C0 644
tél.: +41 21 693 22 41, fax: +41 21 693 22 20

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