[unisog] Merry Xmas! Thumbjam videos online

randy marchany marchany at vt.edu
Wed Dec 23 15:09:45 GMT 2009

Sorry for the non-technical post but it is the holiday season.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a note about an iPod Touch music app
called Thumbjam.
My bandmate has made some longer videos on YouTube demonstrating some
of its capabilities.

The Thumbjam iphone and ipod touch  music  app is now available at the
Apple App store and itunes.   It's in the music category in the App
Store.  You can go to the website   www.thumbjam.com  for info on what
it does  (it does a lot).
www.thumbjam.com/ - The website includes a forum.
here are some links to the videos

Merry Xmas!

-Randy Marchany
VA Tech IT Security Office

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