[unisog] Open access wireless service

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Feb 17 15:21:12 GMT 2009

> 1. Does your university provide an open access Wifi system for guests on campus?

No, for two reasons .. First, we're right downtown, and we don't want to 
be a free ISP for the adjacent apartments. Second, because of things 
like CALEA compliance.

When we have job fairs, etc. we create temporary 802.1x accounts for 
those folks to use for the day. For larger special events we setup a 
separate SSID and netblock that only routes to the Internet (no LAN 
access), and only in the areas of campus required.

> 2. If so, does it have encryption of any kind setup?

Note that an otherwise "open" system that's encrypted (eg: doing 802.1x 
and allowing any username/password) offers little benefit since once 
you're authenticated to an access point, that AP basically behaves as a 
switch and you can ARP spoof your way into someone else's traffic. I'm 
not sure if this is possible on every vendor's gear, but I know I've 
done it here with Cisco kit.


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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