[unisog] background checks on IT employees

Ken Connelly Ken.Connelly at uni.edu
Tue Feb 24 21:28:43 GMT 2009

For many university employees, including IT, our HR does a criminal 
background check on the candidate chosen for the position.  The offer 
letter is worded in such a way that:

   1. The prospective employee accepts and signs the offer letter.
   2. HR submits the information to a service for criminal background
      checks, and receives a pass/fail status.
   3. If it's a pass, the acceptance of the offer is finalized.

- ken

Petersen, Kirsten J - NET wrote:
> What kind of background checks are other universities conducting for IT
> positions, if any?  OSU is looking at how to implement new state
> regulations, and would like to follow industry standards if any are
> available.  If anyone knows of any good resources to refer me to, I'd
> appreciate it.
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- Ken
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