[unisog] Managed host based firewalls

Bill Martin BMARTIN at luc.edu
Wed Jul 1 17:15:48 GMT 2009

Any firewall that is capable of doing syslog can be used.  Syslog can be run on any *nix box. Additionally, you could use SNARE to send Windows event logs back to the syslog server which, if you are also using the local windows firewall and have it configured correctly, violations will be sent to the syslog server as well.
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>>> Brian Grime <bgrime at bgsu.edu> 6/15/2009 9:54 AM >>>

I have been asked by our windows server team to find a managed host based firewall that they can use that will at the least report back to a central server.  They are not looking for a complete endpoint solution just a firewall to replace the windows firewall.  Any suggestions?
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