[unisog] Managed host based firewalls

Clark Gaylord cgaylord at vt.edu
Tue Jun 16 02:47:00 GMT 2009

What's wrong with Windows Firewall? It works better than most, stays out of the way, no installation to manage, easily managed via GPO -- I don't get it. Granted it isn't ipfilter or even iptables, but nothing is on Windows and GPO is sweet and easy.


Clark Gaylord
cgaylord at vt.edu
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Subject: [unisog] Managed host based firewalls
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>I have been asked by our windows server team to find a managed host based firewall that they can use that will at the least report back to a central server.  They are not looking for a complete endpoint solution just a firewall to replace the windows firewall.  Any suggestions? 

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