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Brian Smith-Sweeney bsmithsweeney at nyu.edu
Thu Oct 29 01:17:25 GMT 2009

Good question!  I assume the answer is the license holds just fine,   
but have reached out to MS for confirmation.  I'll let you know what I  

On Oct 26, 2009, at 9:30 AM, "James A. McCloskey" <jamesm at uwo.ca> wrote:

> Brian,
> Many thanks for sharing this information.
> As co-chair of the CUCCIO Information Security Special Interest  
> Group <http://www.cuccio-cdpiuc.ca/en/special-interest-groups/security.php 
> > (representing some 3 dozen Canadian HE institutions), I wonder if  
> you are able to provide any clarity on the applicability of the MSE  
> licensing breakthrough for non-US institutions.
> Thanks again,
> James A. McCloskey, CISSP
> Central Information Security Officer
> Information Technology Services
> University of Western Ontario
> jamesm at uwo.ca
> 519-661-2111 x. 81091
> Brian Smith-Sweeney wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> A number of higher-education security professionals have expressed  
>> some
>> concern over the licensing terms for Microsoft Security Essentials,
>> officially released late September.  The "Use" section of that  
>> license
>> includes the following language[1]:
>> "Use. You may install and use any number of copies of the software on
>> your devices in your household for use by people who reside there  
>> or for
>> use in your home-based small business. "
>> The REN-ISAC Microsoft Analysis Team[2] has been pursuing a
>> cost-effective antivirus solution for higher-education with Microsoft
>> for some time,  and so took it upon ourselves to get approval for the
>> use of Security Essentials for students in higher ed.  I am pleased  
>> to
>> report that we have received the following official word from  
>> Microsoft:
>> "   * PCs owned by an academic institution should use Forefront  
>> Client
>> Security (this includes faculty machines owned and managed by the
>> institution)
>>    * Students, teachers and others may use MSE on their personally
>> owned PCs.  If these machines are managed by the institution, FCS  
>> is the
>> preferred choice but Microsoft Security Essentials is still an  
>> option."
>> The second point - that student systems are covered by the MSE  
>> license -
>> is key.  In a year when many higher-education IT budgets are being  
>> cut
>> drastically we believe the availability of free anti-virus software  
>> for
>> students could be leveraged to significantly reduce AV licensing  
>> costs,
>> or allow those without an existing enterprise antivirus license to
>> ensure their students are protected.
>> I have asked MS to post this information on their website.  In the
>> meanwhile I was told by an MS representative that it was acceptable  
>> to
>> post this to relevant higher-education websites.
>> Those interested in pursuing the use of FCS on campus should talk to
>> your Microsoft representative.
>> I want to be clear that this is in no way an endorsement of one
>> anti-virus product over another, and neither I nor anyone else on the
>> MAT will be able to provide guidance on the relative effectiveness of
>> these products.  The goal of this project was to make sure there  
>> was a
>> cost-effective solution available to those that needed one.
>> Please let me know if you have any questions about the MAT or this
>> project.
>> On behalf of the REN-ISAC MAT,
>> Brian
>> [1] http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/eula.aspx#mainNav
>> [2] http://www.ren-isac.net/advisory.html#microsoft
> <jamesm.vcf>
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