[unisog] Call for volunteers for US Cyber Challenge - Instructor School Candidates needed

randy marchany marchany at vt.edu
Wed Sep 30 22:06:05 GMT 2009

>From vvvvw.sans.org/uscc:

"The US Cyber Challenge is a national talent search and skills
development program. Its purpose is to identify 10,000 young Americans
with the interests and technical computer skills to fill the ranks of
cyber security practitioners, researchers, and warriors. In
particular, the search is looking for the people who can become the
top guns in cyber security. The identification process relies on
national competitions - with many winners."

The top teams from these competitions will be invited to attend a
summer Cyber Camp where they will receive additional training in
cybersecurity issues. The first summer camp is scheduled for summer of
2010. These camps are slated to be 5 days (m-f) and fairly intensive
with some lecture in the morning, hands-on exercises in the afternoon
and a mock competition on the days' subject matter in the evening.

I'm in charge of setting up the Instructor School (I-school) for these
Cyber camps. The I-school will provide training to people interested
in becoming Cyber Camp instructors. While there may be only 1 camp in
2010, we hope there will be more camps in the following years. We
would like to develop a pool of camp instructors for these camps. As
the number of camps increase (hopefully), they'd be located in
different parts of the country.

So, here's the deal. SANS has agreed to provide full scholarships for
SANS GIAC classes and certification to interested I-school candidates.
In exchange for the scholarship, you'd be asked to commit to work 3
camps over the next 5 years. You could work 3 in one summer, 1 each
year, etc. Each scholarship covers the cost of the SANS course
(~$3500/course). The courses being offered under this program are:

SEC 401 - Security Essentials
SEC 503 - iIntrusion Detection In-Depth
SEC 504 - Hacker Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling
SEC 508 - Computer forensics, Investigation and Response
SEC 542 - Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
SEC 617 - Wireless Ethical hacking, Penetration Testing and Defenses
SEC 560 - Network Penetration Testing and Defenses

The only venue offered under the SANS scholarship at this time is
their OnDemand option. See www.sans.org/ondemand/ for information on
this online class format. Once you complete the certification (or you
have a GIAC cert already), you will take 1 more online class (4 hours
max) on "Dealing with Minors" which reviews what's considered to be
appropriate and inappropriate behavior when teaching/coaching minors.
Successful completion of both adds you to the I-school candidate pool.

If you already have a GIAC or equivalent cert, you would just take the
"minor" class and there is NO obligation to work 3 camps.  If you take
a class under the I-School sholarship to get additional GIAC certs,
you are then bound to work the 3 camps/SANS class. If you elect to not
work 3 camps, then you'll owe SANS a portion of the tuition for the

This is a brand new program and I'm building it from scratch so I
expect you'll have some questions and I hope to be able to answer

If you're interested, contact me. Thanks.

Randy Marchany
VA Tech IT Security Office & Lab
marchany at vt.edu
twitter: @randymarchany

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