[unisog] Anonymous proxy servers

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Wed Mar 31 13:12:45 GMT 2010

> Anybody know how we can get a list of anonymous proxies?  bind2, anonymizer
> and such sites?

Besides asking the obvious question of "why" (since many anonymous
proxies on such lists are unintentionally configured as such, and using
them is of dubious legality) .. but to answer your question, perhaps the
best-known one is here :


There is also TOR (torproject.org) which is an anonymous multi-hop proxy
run by volunteers (many at other .edus).

If the goal is to find a way to test yourself (website development,
pen-testing, etc) from an external perspective .. just get a $20/mo DSL
line from your local ILEC.

There are a number of paid services ($5-10/mo) that offer a commercial
level of service (some with a "country selector" for your exit IP).


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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