[unisog] Using Constant Contact campaigns and dealing with spam/content filters

McLaughlin, Bryan S. bmclaughlin at creighton.edu
Wed Nov 17 06:36:29 GMT 2010

We too are currently struggling with how to allow unsolicited email back
into the campus to support various University campaigns.  We have
various units using various outsource bulk email companies sending email
to University staff, faculty, and students and inevitably it is block by
our spam filters.  Whitelisting has become an all too common approach to
solving this issue.  The problem is our whitelist entries at Postini
never get removed.  We have asked the campaign managers if we can insert
specific header records in messages, as this is the preferred Postini
method of whitelisting, however that is not possible in most cases.


We are looking at developing a request method to have a temporary
"footer" created that these campaigns can use to add to the body of the
authorized messages.  The request will allow for a limited time
"whitelisting" based on the footer information that is generated by the


I am very interested to hear what others are doing.


Bryan McLaughlin

Information Security Officer

Creighton University



Security Tip: No matter how authentic the request appears, if you are
asked in an email or via the phone to provide your password - it is a


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Wanted to see how other universities are handling using Constant Contact
campaigns on campus and spam filtering.


What solution have any entertained and what are you  currently doing.
Some options are to white list constant contact IPs to bypass
spam/content filtering. Our concern is that any Constant Contact
campaign regardless if our university created it would bypass the
spam/content filtering. 


If anyone could provide feedback on how your university is handling it ,
I would appreciate it.






Paul Guarino

Suffolk University






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