[unisog] Using Constant Contact campaigns and dealing with spam/content filters

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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We have the same problem here, although not too severely -- also, the agency that was picked by the people who shall remain unnamed turned out to be a known spammer, with a low reputation score in the Ironport filters, and hence was rate-limited severely at our border until we were forced to whitelist them (and with them, all of their spam of course).

There is also the problem that these external agencies send email as if from our domain, and so any SPF records we post would cause them to be tagged as forgeries.

Our current policy states that we should be notified of any mass-email campaigns, whether using external agencies or internal systems, but of course this doesn't always happen.

Ideally, if an external agency has to be used, they should add a recognisable header that we can cause to bypass tagging, although this still wouldn't help with Reputation filters causing rate-limiting or rejection at connect.


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We too are currently struggling with how to allow unsolicited email back into the campus to support various University campaigns.  We have various units using various outsource bulk email companies sending email to University staff, faculty, and students and inevitably it is block by our spam filters.  Whitelisting has become an all too common approach to solving this issue.  The problem is our whitelist entries at Postini never get removed.  We have asked the campaign managers if we can insert specific header records in messages, as this is the preferred Postini method of whitelisting, however that is not possible in most cases.

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