[unisog] Using Constant Contact campaigns and dealing with spam/content filters

Cathleen Carroll ccarroll at Princeton.EDU
Wed Nov 24 17:17:56 GMT 2010

I meant, frankly, I don't care if I'm missing messages because a department chooses to use Constant Contact.

Our central IT group generally does a great job of offering secure services to our departments, including the bulk emailing facility, so it's not a question of ignoring their needs.

C. Carroll

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With Jeff or not, our universities have business processes and needs and we are a part of those universities. As security professionals, we should work with the stakeholders to help ensure that the needs are met in a secure fashion. Security is not an end in itself but a contributor to the university mission. If our stakeholders make bad choices, we should help to educate them rather than "block up the way". In any case "... frankly I don't care..." is not an acceptable response for a security professional in any universe.

Bob Kalal
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