[unisog] Enterprise monitoring software -- experiences?

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I have evaluated numerous commercial and open source monitoring systems and written several pieces of glueware. My interest has mostly focused on network monitoring, but in recent years I have been more interested  in host, server, and service monitoring. Of these, Smarts has been one of the more impressive commercial offerings. We started using Smarts when it was a startup, and EMC hasn't hurt it as much as most acquisitions usually do. Like all systems, Smarts easily will take a full time person several months to make it suitable for your environment, but it rewards the efforts better than most. Obviously you are already willing to throw an enormous amount of money at the problem -- plan on a six-figure (USD) bill plus a full time person at least once everything is said and done.

We have also gotten a lot of mileage from hobbit/xymon/bigbrother. Personally I find this easier to manage than nagios, but nagios is quite flexible. The commercial Big Brother looks pretty good, too, if you are looking for commercial support. Unfortunately, they won't take as much of your money as most people looking for "Enterprise Monitoring Systems" want to tell their boss they must spend.

Depends on what the problem is you're trying to solve....


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>We're in the process of evaluating several Enterprise Monitoring solutions from vendors, with a view to replacing our current Nagios/MRTG setup.  Obviously they're happy to refer us to reference sites who are guaranteed to provide a glowing review, but I'd be interested in hearing the experiences of anyone else out there.
>Is there anyone here who has experience of installing and maintaining either IBM Tivoli, HP BSM, or EMC Smarts systems at their site?  If so, I'd like to hear what you think of them.
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