[unisog] Android Allows DHCP Lease to Expire, Keeps Using IP Address

Irwin Tillman irwin at princeton.edu
Tue Sep 14 23:18:34 GMT 2010

At Princeton, I've seen many Android devices experience the same DHCP issue.  

Often the device ignores the DHCP lease time.  It allows the DHCP lease to expire
while the device continues to use the IP address. The device may try to also renew the
lease after expiration time.  It may also resume using an IP address from an old
expired lease at the same time it is using another IP address from a newly-
acquired DHCP lease.

As other schools might see the same issue, I thought I'd give you a heads up.

Details are at:


I've reported the issue to the Android project; the issue tracking number is 11236.
(Android is a project of the Open Handset Alliance.)

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