[unisog] off topic: mass emailing

Allan West allan at ufl.edu
Fri Sep 17 03:29:17 GMT 2010

On 9/16/10 7:49 PM, Pete Hickey wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 03:40:08PM -0500, Rick Hayter wrote:
>> Sorry for the off topic post, but I'm looking for some feedback about
>> how you are handling requests for mass mailings to internal
>> constituents.
> Requests should not come to you.  They should go to the owner
> of the data... registrar  or HR usually.

I had a diatribe... er, explanation email going, but I think the above
covers it neatly. There should be a standardized means of selecting
addresses for groups based on the official information maintained by the
Registrar and/or HR computer systems.

The one paragraph I'll contribute from my missive:

I used to be a sysadmin who managed lists, and I'm also a part-time grad
student. I can say that strictly limiting who can post to lists is
essential to prevent students from marking the list address as spam.
Have you had your institution's email black-holed because too many
people told their ISP you were spamming them? It used to happen to us at
least annually, before the all-students lists were limited to vetted
posts from ${important_people}.

Allan West

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