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Francis Lachapelle flachapelle at inverse.ca
Fri Sep 17 15:07:42 GMT 2010

Hi Rick

On Sep 16, 2010, at 4:40 PM, Rick Hayter wrote:

> Is there a software package that allows users to make their own
> request for this data (we're a Banner school)? Is there an outsourced
> solution? If so, how do you keep the addresses up to date and
> "categorized" correctly?

We've been deploying Sympa [1] in various universities over the past few years and people have been quite satisfied with the solution. It is Open Source, powerful and very customizable. You can retrieve subscribers from SQL databases, LDAP directories and flat files. It has a Web interface from which authorized users can create mailing lists.


[1] http://www.sympa.org/

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