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We got hit with some significant delivery outages last fall. We've been part of hotmail's " Junk Mail Reporting Partner Program" and have put some governors in place on outbound messages. That has saved us so far this year. 

Anecdotally, I think there may be an additional "This is Junk" issue related to the forwarding to hotmail addresses. Hotmail closes accounts after a period of inactivity (signing on to web client). I'm beginning to see Junk which would only be junk if the account was re-assigned, but a University account was still forwarded. As I said, anecdotal, because we don't follow up on anything that doesn't fit an abuse pattern. Anyone else run into this? Cheers!...Gerrit 

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> Thanks, Allan (for your comments AND for not sending the diatribe! :) 
> We haven't reached the spam level yet, but your right, it's something 
> to be concerned about. 

Quite a few UK universities hit the spam level surprisingly early when students or staff forwarded their mail off to a commercial webmail service, then found it easier to hit the (large, prominent) "Mark as spam" button than to find out how to get off the list. It doesn't take many of those to lose all communication with your potential students *and* alumni on Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo/etc.: something that may be worth mentioning to those who are keen to do mass-mailings :-( 

Good luck 

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