[unisog] List Closing on July 30th

Phillip Deneault deneault at wpi.edu
Fri Jul 22 17:42:34 GMT 2011

As of July 30th, the UNISOG list will be shut down.

We have not received a moderation request since February and the list
was in slow decline long before that.

It is likely people have long found better resources to use out there
but in case you all thought security in higher education was dead,
please look at the following resources.

An EDU-only center for higher-ed security.

* The Educause Cyber-Security Initiative
Home of the best EDU Security conference out there, the Security
Professional's Conference and an open-enrollment security mailing list

Home of great training and basically sole sponsor of the UNISOG list
since 1999.  Thanks to SANS for everything.

In 1999, when this list was created, it was important to establish
resources for security within the EDU space.  EDU is no longer the
cesspool it once was, in fact, higher education is probably one of the
more well-managed sectors on the open Internet today.  There are better
resources, more active groups, EDU-only collaboratives, and solid
training options out there, and UNISOG has been largely left behind
(hopefully used as a building block to those other resources).  This is
not a bad thing, its just the next evolutionary step.  I view closing
the list as a formality, its been dead for a while.

Any questions about this decision can be fielded to me.


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